Executive Secure Transportation

Aegis is identified in ancient Greek language with protection by a strong force, with its roots in Greek mythology as stated in Iliad was a goatskin-coated shield carried by Athena and Zeus, also the etymology is synonym to defence and acronym of protection.

Aegis is a leading security and risk management company that provides high-risk security operations and delivers unsurpassed premium level corporate services. Founded in 2002 and established from 2007 by a former Special Forces officer.

Aegis in 2012 epitomizes in Australian security industry by affiliate with eponymous world leaders and their elite training skills in tactical driving. After ample anticipation as archetypal introduces the Executive Secure Transportation services by providing security drivers, luxury soft skin or armored sedans and SUVs.

Aegis is committed to be a leader provider of high level and top quality security services while adhering the highest professional standards and emphasizes in ethical contact as critical to company’s success and reputation.

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